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to expect in your area, and which have a snowfall total map in a moment, and what you can expect monday morning. the same storm system coming our way monday is causing all kinds of trouble monday. doreen gentzler is live at the desk with more. >> and indeed, doreen. it is a powerful system bringing snow to rain in california. it is causing flooding and road closures and mud slides so far. in this video from los angeles, two people and two dogs had to be rescued from a rushing river. at a least 14,000 people are without power in california. there were also lots of accidents in the rain. the rain is welcomed since most of the state is in a terrible drought right now, but so much rain in such a short amount of time has been too much for the dry ground the handle. from the live desk, i'm doreen
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gentzle gentzler. >> a woman who came to washington to become a nun is now facing serious jail time for the death of her baby. sosefina amoa admitted that she suffocated the newborn. pat collins is live outside of the courtroom with more emotional testimony. pat? >> well, you see she wanted to be a nun, but today, she is a convict convicted felon, and guilty of voluntary manslaughter and facing four to ten years in jail. in a courtroom today stood sosefina amoa and she had been studying to be a nun, but not in a habit today, but a prison blue uniform. her wrists were cuffed and a tissue knotted up in her hand, and she was on the brink of tears as she entered a guilty plea in the death of her newborn
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baby boy. >> it is a tragic case. it is tragic for the son who died, and it is unfortunate for the sisters of the convert, because they do fabulous work, and it is good for the defendant to get closure and to move on. >> this is the little sisters of the poor facility in the northeast. it is here that the nuns care for the elderly indigent, and the most unlikely crime scene, but it is here that 26-year-old sosefina amoa killed her newborn. she had come from the island of is samoa to learn. she gave birth to a son, joseph. accord t according to the court tok yumts he began to dishgs and she was afraid that someone would hear the child cry and expose her pregnancy, so she applied a
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cloth over his mouth, and applied pressure. today in court, she said through the attorney, that she never meant to harm the baby and in a state of panic and shock and fear, and she wanted to quiet the baby until she figured out what to do. at the court hearing today, a representation from the little sisters of the poor. she was surrounded by a group of men. >> reporter: sister, can you talk to me at all? >> no comments today. no comments. >> no comments? >> no, it is a sad situation, and nothing more to say about it, and let the process take its cour course. >> so the sister sosefina amoa is out on bond, and her sentencing is set for the 4th of march. the embattled fire chief of the county says he has no intent
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to retire. a man died in front of the fire station after asking for help. today, chief ellerby would not not comment on a report that a fireman would not sound the alarm for help. he says there is a shortage of jobs and security, and he said that he wants to stay through. >> i want to stay through, because this is important to me, and my city. >> well, his bosses may have other ideas. and the mayor has signaled that ellerby's job may be in danger. and police want to investigate these two guys about an attack on a young girl in northwest washington last week. the young girl was jumped and robbed, and police say that they tried to sexually assault her, but she fought them off and got away. >> and three people are in a
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vandalism spree that damaged more than 100 cars in fairfax county. >> and trayvon tibbs and two others were arrested. they say they drove through centerville area firing a bb gun. police are still looking for two more teens involved in that. friends and family members today held a funeral for a midshipman who crash ed his vehicle near the naval ademy. they believe that he accidentally drove off of the road and plunged into the creek. today his funeral was held at the chapel. he was from western virginia and plan planned to become a naval flight officer in may. we will go live now no the white house, and the president is about to speak live about the escalating tensions in the ukraine. let's listen in. >> we have been clear about the
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crisis, and we are clear about one fundamental principle, the ukrainian people have the right to defend their future, and we have encouraged an end to the violence, and urged the ukrainians to have a course of stabilizing the country, and move to a broad based government, and move to elections this spring. i spoke with president putin, and my administration has been in daily communications with the russian officials, and have made clear that they can be part of a united group to call for the stabl of the area, and it is not only in the interest of the people of ukraine, but the people of the international community and also in russia's borders. we are now being disturbed with
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reports o new military moving in. any zoform of sovereignty that interfered with would present a profound matter determined by the ukrainian people, and it would be a clear violation of russia's commitment to respect the sovereignty and the borders of ukraine and international law s. and just days after the world came to russia for the world olympic games that would invite the condemnation of many nations around the world, and indeed, the united states will stand with the international community affirming that there is costs for any military intervention in you yan. the events of the last several months remind us of how difficult democracy can be in a country with deep divisions, but the ukrainians have reminded us
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of the rights of people. and vice president biden spoke to the prime minister of ukraine, and reiterated that at this point, the united states of america stands for the sovereignty and the territorial integrity and the democratic future of ukraine. i also commend the ukrainian government's restraint to uphold the obligations. we will coordinate closer with the european allies, and we will continue to communicate directly with the russian government, and continue to keep all of you in the press corps and the american people informed as events develop. thank you very much. president obama at the white house expressing concern about the actions in the ukraine where the russians troops have taken up positions at two airports and the naval base there.
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the president saying that there is is going to be costs for any military intervention in this country. >> yes, it is a complex situation, and you saw the president there keeping all of the options open, and not committing to one course of action. coming back here now to local violence in d.c., it has claimed the life of two young people. a boy stab and young woman shot, and the killings happened hours apart. one of them is 17. jonathon adams was a high school student, and derrick ward is live at d.c.'s violent crimes division southwest with more of what we are learning about his life and death, derrick. >> well, both of the crimes are under investigation, and there is a sad and tenuous connection, but nonetheless, sad connection between the two murders and they happen to be the 20th, and the 21st homicide in the district sor f so far this year. police say that it was a report to the man down in halley
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terrace in the southeast. when they got there they found 17-year-old jonathon adams who had been stabbed in the throat. they stayed there until the early morning. and then residents reported the scuffle in a nearby building, and the victim went into the street, and collapsed. >> it does not make any sense. if you read the papers or watch the tv, someone is dying. >> and they also say that takia dickerson was shot on 3600 jay street northeast. >> well, it is pathetic how people don't care for one another, and it is time for us to get together. >> and ironically the two victims attended school within walking distance of each other. and dickerson was at the adjacent balou state on the same side of the block however,
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jonathon adams attended the school next to it. we spoke to the principal at balou and the vice principal at east balleau. the police say they have a protocol for this type of thing, because it is not the first time it has happened to the student body, with but so far the police don't have any suspects or motives in either of these. outside, live, derrick ward, news4. all right. 21 people have been killed in the district this year, and that is a 75% spike compared to this time last yearment and now d.c.'s top cop is explaining what she is doing to curb crime, and chief cathy lanier is pointing to two reasons why crime is up. mark see graves will have that coming up in the next half hour. an 80-year-old man stranded in an icy pond says that he was prepared to die. but now, he shares the rescue story with news4.
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it is just as dramatic as the video. >> plus a gang of thieves with a taste for the bubbly. more on the crime trend hitting one liquor store. >> you are sicked and tired the of the cold, and what is the best thing to do? get on a plane of course, and head to a warmer climate. i'm adam tuss talk toog the
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getting the difference... that's powerful. some of us love winter and o
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others not so much, and there are those who are completely over the cold and snow. >> you mean, everybody? >> well, with more cold weather on the way, you may be thinking of heading somewhere tropical, and adam tuss is at reagan national where they are making some thoughts come true. >> and pat, we are sick of the wi winter, and sick of it, and even though there is more winter weather expected sunday and monday, we are saying good-bye to the winter and good-bye with the, yes, the hawaiian shirt and the shorts and the good-bye with the sunglasses and the flip-flops, and most importantly, we are saying good-bye to the winter with our tropical drink. tell me, what do you want to say to the winter? >> good-bye. sayonara, ar roorivederci and af it. >> reporter: she and her family
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are trying to forget about this and get to this. they are on their way from anacostia to pensacola, florida, and they are so close now. the expected high in pensacola this weekend is just about 70 degrees. >> reporter: stick your toes in the sand. >> yes. >> reporter: and put a little umbrella in your hand? >> yes, a couple of those. >> reporter: and john and mary are headed to tallahassee where it is 70 there. >> well, i have had enough. i have lived here all of my life and i'm tired of the winter right now. >> reporter: and mary can't wait to get on the plane. what is the first thing that you are going to do when you get to florida? >> look up at the sun and stay there for the warmth. >> reporter: the flip-flops and the shorts amid the dark winter coats and scarves of the airport and some were warmed up, and we found a kind red spirit, and
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someone else in shorts, and he is going to denver? >> well, like to get comfortable on the plane, and i don't want to get all stuffed and sweaty. >> reporter: whatever works, and one more parting shot for winter. >> thanks a lot for the winter! >> reporter: sorry about that. back here live at reagan national airport and you will be happy to know that mike goldrick has sprung for two tickets for us to go to miami, and look for pictures coming your way monday. >> did he really? >> heck, no. >> adam is dreaming. >> oh, okay. i didn't know, and i thought, i did not get the e-mail, and i could not put my name in the hat for that one. and the satellite built in prince george's county county is orbiting the earth. it launched from japan and now
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it is communicating with the satellite in green belt. it is go g ing to discover how h freshwater is available. and it will hopefully improve the forecasting of hurricanes and floods, and we are contributing to the snow fall total pretty soon. >> yes, i got to see it out there at the goddard space center and that is a great satellite. it is as big as the room and that is amazing going up there. >> and so is the cold today. >> and just how cold was it? well, 26 was the high, and the coldest day so far this february. guys guys, we are not done with the weher this cold even though march starts tomorrow. outside, we have plenty of sunshine, but that sun did not help all that much, and the temperatures did stay in the 20s and as predicted 29 degrees is the current temperature, and the winds are out of the south at 3 miles an hour, and the wind died from what it was, a nd we saw
5:19 pm
some howling winds. windchills down below zero in many locations, but the wind not an issue today. 32 in fredericksburg, and everybody is at or below freeze thagt time. and the storm team radar is clear. no rain or snow across our area in the next couple of days, and we do have a couple of days before the winter storm moves in. where it is now? well, it is not over the area as we look at the high clouds streaming in. and it is way out to the west near california and this is the biggest storm to affect california. and they are predicting 1 to 3 inches of rain. and then up in the mountains, even one to three feet of snow, and they are hard pressed to get any of the snow out there to the ski resorts. looking at the storm itself and you can see it spinning up here. it is a monster of the storm, and it is going to be coming over the mountains, and then it is going to weaken and bring the moisture of the gulf of mexico right to us, and as it does, the
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cold air moves to canada. and that is why we are looking for the potential for a big time mess, and once again, timing is the key. right here with future weather on the cold side this afternoon, you know it is going to be a cold night tonight if you are going out. and tomorrow we warm up slightly to 53 so it is going to be nice, and then sunday, some cloud cover, but temperatures are mild in the low to mid-50s, and some of you could get to mid-60s, and then look at the rain coming from the south, and gaithersburg, and d.c. and ba baltimore, and snow back to the west, and then right around that 8:00 or 9:00 hour, and you will see the ice changeover to snow, and the snow is just around the entire area and from 1:00 to 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning, and that is where we will pick up the accumulating snow. first call and this is going to
5:21 pm
change as we move through the weekend and we have a lot of time to figure it out, and over to st. mary's county, and then 2 inches plus to waldorf and washington and warrenton, and we feel that west could be six or more inches from leesburg to winchester. this is something we are watching, and of course, we have the whole weekend to do so. 43 on the saturday, and 54 on the sunday and dropping the temperatures to 32 monday, and dropping to the 20s monday with the rain/snow mix, and then tuesday, it is colder on tuesday than to dday. sorry, that is what i have got. seven-day is coming up later. >> all righty. virginia residents are on alert with a convicted child rapist on the run makes his way to the commonwealth. >> and plus, the medical examiner has released his report in the actor of philip seymour in tcomcast brought millionsur of people closer
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the official cause of death c confirmed drug use. the medical examiner said that he died of a lethal mix of drugs including amphetamines and heroin and cocaine. >> kerry kennedy is not giuilty of drugged driving a. six-person jury in upstate new york cleared
5:25 pm
her of the misdemeanor, and the daughter of the late robert f. kennedy accidentally took a sleeping pill in 2012 and then she got behind the wheel of the car and hit a truck. the pros ecutor said she should have stopped driving when she knew he was impaired. and now concussions can happen not just on the football field, but on the ice. >> yes. carol maloney has a hockey story involving mike green's story. >> reporter: a brutal hit, and a motionless mike green. the caps' fans held their bre h breath. but he says it is something that looked worse than it was. >> it was sort of a bell rung that you want to be safe about. i did not have any problems sleeping, and i feel great now,
5:26 pm
and that is all that matters. >> reporter: and green knows all there is to know about the concussion symptomsb because one of the more aggressive players in the league, he has had the bell rung more times than not. >> it is how you feel, and how it affects your eyes or if tired or a headache, and there are symptoms, but i have had so many that i know what to look for. >> i have had two, and have you had more than two concussions? >> yeah, two. yeah. >> reporter: two that we know of, and it is still two too many, but it is not going to change the way that green changes the game. >> well, it is how we have played since we were kids, and it is part of the game. i don't think that that it should be reduced or taken out, because it keeps guys honest, and yeah, it is so when you get a big hit, and make a big hit, and get in the game, it is what makes you feel important.
5:27 pm
>> and what is critical is that green does everything that he can to prevent the next one. carol maloney news4 sports. and right now, icy lake rescue. >> the man saved by rescue crews is speaking out. >> well, all of the sudden, it broke through, and the canoe came over on top of me. >> find out why this man made the decision to venture out on to the icy pond. and plus, we told you about the recent muwordeens, and now d c's top cop explains why there is a spike of violence. and a pedicure nightmare and a minor incident that could have turned into a deadly infection. >> i was not completing the sentences, and kind of disoriented. >> doreen gentzler has the
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we have what looks like a good weekend coming in, and near 54 on sunday, but then on monday, the snow impact graphic, and the snow impact graphic going from medium to high. this is monday morning. snow and ice in the morning rush. delays likely. you might want to prepare now and decide what to do early monday morning. we will have much more on the storm coming in.
5:31 pm
i will have the weekend forecast coming up, too. i can't even say that i went to sleep. it is just like there was nothing. the most pleasant nothing. >> reporter: an 80-year-old man who lost consciousness after being stranded in an icy lake shares his story with news4. bill blackwell is a lucky guy, and walked out of the icu one day after the dramatic rescue. >> but he knows that it could have had a different ending, and he is hoping that the story could have saved the life of someone else. he was stuck in the icy water last sunday while trying to rescue his dog in lake manassas in northern virginia. bureau chief virginia carey has the story. >> it was bella and cam pan yon cocoa who started a all of the trouble. they took out on the ice after birds and 150 feet out the ice broke and they fell through. bill blackwell grabbed his canoe
5:32 pm
and went out after them. he propelled it until the ice cracked. >> all of the sudden, it cracked through, and the canoe came up over the top of me. i was under the water under the canoe. >> reporter: he says he managed to right the canoe to get inside, but now he was submerged in an icy pool. >> i was like the dogs in a puddle of ice, and ice all around me, a nd you can't get ot of it. i could not get out of it. i said, bill, you are going to die. >> reporter: and mr. blackwell was home alone when he started to struggle in the water the, but as luck would have it, his wife and son came home, and so they called 911 and the sun ron down to the water with this ladder. and rescuers put on rescue suits, and tried to save him, but channing was sure that his dad was going to die. >> he said, 400 feet away, son, i'm done, andly die.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: then an hour after blackwell had gone in, police helicopter eagle two arrived and pulled blackwell out of the water. but he had lost consciousness long before that. amazingly he walked out of the hospital the next day, and learned that bella, too, had survived. today, he wanted to say thanks to the rescuers and convince others not the make his mistakes, and never go out on the large body of water in winter without a life jacket if there is ice. >> never, ever. even with the canoe as a support that i used, never. >> julie carey, gainesville, virginia. >> and a convicted child rainest was caught today in virginia. u.s. marshals arrested eric hartwell in a hotel in norfolk, but he did not go quietly. deputies had to break down the door and take him down.n parole
5:34 pm
he cut off the gps monitor and left town. investigators say he has a violent history going back to the 1990s and consistently failed to register as a sex offender. >> have there is something out there called revenge pornography, and maryland lawmakers want to make sure it is banned across the state. there are more and more cases of people maliciously posting nude pictures of a former lover meant to embarrass them. so now there is a bill that makes it illegal to post anything that causes severe emotional distress, and the panel ti is a fine and imprisonment. and there is a bill to protect transgendered people from discrimination. it protects them from employment, and housing and other areas. there is a similar proposal in the house awaiting a committee hearing next week. residents in prince george's county are getting a chance to see the site plans for the new
5:35 pm
casino planned for national harbor. mgm representatives presented the ideas to the county's planning board today in hopes of breaking ground this summer, but some want to make sure they will preserve the historical sites nearby. our bureau chief tracee wilkins is joining us live. what are you hearing out there? >> well, folks in prince george's county have issues with the historic sites that are near the casino. we have a cemetery near that way, and john hanson may be buried there, and across the street from the place of the casino, you have oxon man for the just past the preservationist, saying that the sites need to be maintained. >> that is going to give you a brief introduction to how the circulation around the site works. >> reporter: how do you build a $925 million world class casino and report when it is wedged between historic landmarks with protective restrictions? >> well, you don't want to see the bright lights and the noise
5:36 pm
and the video lights from the flashing screens right now in what is a peaceful setting. >> reporter: today at the planning committee, developers got an earful from the preservationists who are worried that the site may be distract i ing. >> it is quite large. >> reporter: you may recognize the building because it is right there near tangier. and historians say it is their concern to be so close, and imagine when the kasee know gets there. and joyce tharp sat in the audience and was so concerned about the light pollution. >> and nobody said anything about the 23 foot, sorry, 23 story tower or that large board that is proposed that is going to be showing movies constantly, which is several stories high. >> we will try to work with the applicant to get some type of
5:37 pm
vegetative buffer on the park property to mitigated some of the impacts. sfwlr and mgm did a lot of listening today, and the representatives said they will do whatever they have to do to make sure that the historic folks are satisfied with the site plans. coming up on news4 at 6f:00, and we will speak to a bride who is having her wedding around the time of the groundbreaking, and get her response of what should be done with the oxon hill site. tracee wilkins, news4. wow, a wedding and a ground breaking at the same time. and now, today, the president and the vice president are getting more involved with the first lady's agenda. >> all right. let's move. and a day at the spa, and e
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5:39 pm
and thefts are up, and the most
5:40 pm
troubling for chief lanier, the murders are way up. >> this time last year there were 12, and what is going on? >> throughout the course of the year, every year, you will see different months where we have increases and different months with decreases. >> and last year the district had 104 homicides and up from 88 murders the year before. so far this year, there have been 21 murders, and a 75% spike over the first two months of last year. today, chief cathy lanier said one thing that drives the murder rate is domestic violence which has been going up for two yeas.s >> 11 of the cases occurred inside of an apartment or inside of the home. i don't know the percentage of the domestic cases, but they are pushing the numbers up again this year as they did last year. >> reporter: and the category of crimes on the rise, thefts, and thefts from crimes. >> in is a vibrant city and we have at love people who in the .
5:41 pm
it is the third time this month that the store was also hit twice in the same week last summer. >> on camera, they have taken over about $1,000 of product on camera. >> reporter: an employee behind the count ser looking at the phone, and another one notices what is happening, but it is too late. >> they just ran and they had a car waiting around the corner as to getaway car. >> reporter: on february 5th, it was a woman and man and he distracted the employees with questions. >> they ask where is this wine and do you carry that and how much? >> reporter: and the store has been family owned for 20 years, and the owner does not want any trouble. >> we just don't want something to escalate, and i can't ask my employees to stop them, because i don't want to put them in harm's way. >> reporter: montgomery county police detectives are watching the videos and trying to figure out who these individuals are, but they say at that point at least, they don't believe they are targeting other businesses. in bethesda, kristin wright, news4.

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